Kamus 2.04

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Kamus – an unique English – Indonesian Dictionary

Kamus is an English-Indonesian Dictionary and vice verse. This program is released as freeware for personal and non commercial use. For other uses just email me. Many software dictionaries are available, this one is different from the others, it tries to facilitate the translations and also helps in reading.

Key features of this software are:

  • Small size for easy distribution
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Fast Search
  • Automatic search between English and Indonesian languages. It will search English-Indonesian First, then if no word was found, it will try to find Indonesian – English. You can select individual languages.
  • Clipboard monitoring. With this feature, the program will translate the text in the clipboard. So you just copy the text you want to translate and then kamus will find the translation in the program’s window. It will automatic remove the non alphabetic ( ‘a’ to ‘z’ ) character such as : !@#$%^&*():”?><,./’; etc
  • Compact Mode, is an additional feature that may be very handy when you need to translate some text while you are reading. It was designed with a small form and only shows the text and the result.
  • Smart Find
  • Auto remove non-letters such as !’,:;.?”-)(*/+, etc
  • Highlighted result for Indonesian
  • Find exact word, contained in text or Phrases.
  • Adding new word and phrase
  • More than 41.000 English-Indonesian words, 35.000 Indonesian-English words and more than 64.000 phrases.
  • 20 nice skins with optimization
  • Transparency Support ( Win 2k, XP and Up )
  • History Window, since version 2.04 this feature was introduced. You can quickly select the history search

System Requirements:

  • Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Pentium II or above with 32 MB RAM.


Download Kamus

Download (select one) :



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