Shollu Place Names – geographic location for Shollu –

If you were “Shollu” user, maybe you already knew about “Shollu Place names”, files or data that was included with this program which contain geographic names and location informations for many cities in the world. But not all cities were included, only some Indonesian cities and other popular cities in the world ordered by alphabet.


If you need other place names with more details or maybe you don’t find your place there, you still can download specific data for your country. Previously, the data can be downloaded from www.ebta.cabspace.com, but until now, it’s seem that the server was down. So, i decided to put some data here.


Until now, this countries are available to download :

Data based on NGA GEOnet Names Server, Country files. GNS Home
If you need data for another country just send me an email or write a request / comment for this article. Thank you.



  1. Thanks! I have been searching for this information all day now. My pc is not running like used to and I need to figure out how to fix it quickly. I have bookmarked your post so others can find it too on delicious.

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