Kamus 2.0 an English-Indonesian Dictionary

Kamus 2.0 is an English-Indonesian Dictionary and vice versa. This program is released as freeware for personal and non commercial used. For other usage just email me. Even many dictionaries software available, this software is different from the others, it tries to give you more easily translate words and also help in reading.

Key features of this software are:

  • Small size for easy distribution
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Fast Searching
  • Automatic search between English and Indonesian languages
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Compact Mode
  • Smart Find
  • Auto remove non alpha character such as !’,:;.?"-)(*/+, etc
  • Highlight result for Indonesian
  • Find exact word, contain text and Phrase.
  • Adding new word and phrase
  • More that 41.000 English-Indonesian word, 35.000 Indonesian-English word
    and more that 64.000 phrase.
  • 20 nice skins with optimization
  • Support Transparency ( Win 2k, XP and Up )

Kamus was released as Freeware. Download Kamus ( 2.8 MB ) for another downloads, see the Download Section.


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